March 16

Card Wars explanation

Card Wars is one of my favourite games. If you don’t know about Card Wars I am here to tell you now. So Card Wars is a online game and a campaign game. It is from the show Adventure Time. The characters you start of with are Jake and Finn. As you go on there are different levels and more characters. Also you have creatures, spells and buildings to attack a defend with.




March 16

My passion

Hello everyone. I am here to tell you about my passion. My passion is gaming. At my house I have a Xbox 1, Xbox 360, iPad, iPod, iPhone 5,wii, DS and a computer. My favourite game is Assassins Creed [all of them] on the Xboxes and my second favourite games are Injustice and Card Wars.

My passion is gaming. Does anyone else like to play games?

March 4


Hello world! I am here to tell you about me! Oh but first my name is Christian. My hobbies are:

Sports and video games.

My favourite sport is tennis and soccer and my favourte video game is Mortal Kombat x.

My favourite player is Johnny Cage.

Now you just read a little bit about me but I want to know about you now?