July 24

Week 2:My learning

In the week, the year 5/6’s went to Emmaus to see a production. There were many other schools there to watch it to.  My class sat in the middle so we had a great view of the stage. There were two ex student’s from our school who were acting.  At the start, the orchestra was playing music while the actors were getting ready and there were some people in the back moving some props to get ready for the next scene. The production was a bit about romance and courage to me. The part I enjoyed the most was when Bella told the beast to release her dad and take her instead. It would take a whole lot of courage to say that to a beast. They practise the production for nine months. What I learnt from the production was that don’t judge someone by there looks. Judge them by there personality. The beast looked ugly on the outside but he had a kind heart in the inside.

July 16

Week 1:My learning

I have learnt how to draw a optical illusion hand on paper with just texter’s, pencils and a ruler. We got the idea by this video:

When you have completed it. It should look like this.

The idea of the optical illusion is that it is suppose to stick out in 3D if you do everything correct. When I did it, I made a few mistake’s.