August 7

Week 4: Hawks in schools

This week, a Hawthorn player came to our school. He didn’t actually  play for Hawthorn but he was the leader of Hawks in schools program. Hiss name was Michael Kelly. He showed us a video and the players in the video were Jack Gunston and Angus Litherland. They were talking to us about the food we should eat and the drinks we should drink. He explained that we should drink 5 glasses of water a day and they also said to eat 2 serves of fruit  and 5 serves of vegetables a day. They told us the five fruit groups: protein, fruit, dairy, vegetables, grains. They also explained to us to exercise for one hour. We also got a Hawthorn diary to fill in. We had to fill in how much fruit and vegetables we ate. I learnt to stay hydrated and eat some fruit and vegetables and day.