September 11

Lawn bowls

On Monday, sixteen of our class students went to play lawn bowls at Heathmont.  There were only 2 schools going to play lawn bowls, St Tims and another school. Only the top two teams went through to state and since there were only two schools, we automatically went to state! There were four teams and each team played four games. I was the the third person to bowl in the team.

After the first game, we won and the teachers told me to be the skipper which is the last person to bowl. The teachers said that the skipper is the most skilled player in the team. When we played the second game, we were losing and our teacher’s friend told me a small thing to do that was called the drive. It means you hit the jack into the gutter and if you hit the jack and your ball goes in the gutter too, its still alive. I did it on my first go and my ball went in the gutter too. That ball was the winning ball of the game so, we won the game.

On our third game we were versing one of the toughest teams in their school. It started to rain  but, we were still played. It was raining hard and the ground got really wet so the balls wouldn’t go as far. We lost five-zero. We got told that we were losing and in the last 4 games we had to win them all. We played our last game. At the end of the game we…… Lost! We lost 4-1.

We went in the rooms upstairs and one of the teachers of that club gave out runners up and winners awards. We received the runners up and the other school got winners. Congratulations to the school that won. We go to state since we came second. I learnt that you should never roll a ball too hard or too soft and I also learnt that the smaller circle on the ball is the side that curves the ball in.

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